Renner Loney is a native of Columbus, Georgia, where she was educated in the public schools. After attending Mercer University, Heidelberg University (Germany), and the University of Georgia, she taught German for thirty years. Then she turned to photography and has studied with Nancy Rotenberg for the past ten years.

Renner's grandmother taught her, at an early age, to appreciate nature, especially wildflowers and gardens. As an adult, Renner has been an avid organic gardener at her farm in Harris County, Georgia.

Her grandmother's training of her eye has played a big role in Renner's photography, as has her own experience as a gardener. In her pictures of the natural world, Renner tries to reflect "the dearest freshness deep down things" (G. M. Hopkins).

She hopes that her photographs will inspire people to cherish and care for the earth.

Renner's work has been honored by the Auburn Arts Association, the Columbus State University Friends of Art, and the Georgia Nature Photographers Association. Her work has also been selected for exhibit by the Blue Ridge Mountain Photographers' Association and the Valdosta National 2005.

P. O. Box 283

Cataula, Georgia 31084 USA